December, 28th 2007: Uploaded Another KrakOut V0.2.
Improvements include better graphics, more levels and probably a zillion other things that I changed over thelast 5 years and have promptly forgotten.
October, 3rd 2002: Uploaded the new Game Another KrakOut V0.1. Very first public Alpha. It is playable and all, but some textures are just temporary and wil be replaced against good looking ones in later versions. So please no mails that the graphic sucks. That is a fact that will change. This version is just to give you a first impression. Remember it's V 0.1, so the final game will be ten times better in every way ;-)
April, 15th 2002: Uploaded the new Version 0.5 of Another Conquest. Made a lot of bugfixes, improved the looks and the speed. Now a maximum of one alliance per round per player is in place, to stop misuse. Production can now be set to either total values or with percentilles. Savegame is now incompatible with earlier Versions. And the last edition is a pseudo framecounter.
October, 30th 2001: Uploaded the new Version 0.4 of Another Conquest. Changed the savegame somewhat and added Alliances. The new Code is not optimal yet and the alliance code will be tweaked in future Versions.
August, 15th 2001: Uploaded the page to the new Server.
The Game Another Conquest is available in the Version 0.3. As the Version number says a lot of stuff is still missing. But it is already playable and, if you play with a bunch of people, fun.