Another KrakOut V 0.2

Based on: KrakOut of Gremlin Soft.

The Game is far from finished. The graphic needs a lot of improvement. And only the first 13 Levels of the classic game are converted. (The later levels are only partial correct as of now) (And the new world set includes just 8 Levels) But it is already playable.

So what is the game about!

The game is basical a breakout clone that is played from the side instead of from the bottom.
I have not bothered with writing a manual or readme yet, but you shouldn't have any problems figuring out how to play.
If you don't like the default music, just drop a WinAmp playlist into the music directory and choose that from the menu. Have fun!

Requirement:Hardware accelerated OpenGL driver

Download: Another KrakOut (3595 KB)

Last update: December, 28th 2007
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