Another Conquest (V0.51)

Based on: Galactic Conquest by Rick Raddatz.

A lot of material is still missing and there are some glitches and probably some bugs. But it is already playable.

So what is the game about!

The game is a round based space strategy game. Your goal is to conquer the visible sector of the universe. The game starts with 40 worlds. Up to 4 belong Players. Your main action is the sending of ships to other worlds to conquer them.
But there also some other aspects. You can change the Production priorities for the worlds to different settings. You can produce ships, destroyers and defenses. Or you could choose to use the production points for development of Technology or production capacity.
There is currently no manual, but it should be fairly easy to figure out how to play. Have fun!

Requirement:Pentium 200Mhz and Windows 95b or better

Download: Another conquest (1927KB)

Last update: April, 15th 2002
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